Copyright FAQ

Is it illegal to download/upload/share copyrighted material such as movies, TV shows or games using my Internet connection?

Copyright infringement violates Atlas' Acceptable Usage Policy. Atlas' AUP specifically states that your must not use the service to transmit, distribute or store any material which could be deemed to be in violation of the law either by copyright infringement or otherwise. For more information about copyright and piracy, please visit the UK Copyright Office.

What do I do if I receive a copyright violation notice?

First, you should check your personal computer (PC) hard drive(s) to delete any unauthorized copyrighted materials and we urge you to uninstall any peer to peer (P2P) or file sharing software. You can confirm if P2P software is installed on your PC by using the website.

What is the basis for the notice that Atlas sent me? How did Atlas learn of the alleged infringing material on my computer?

A copyright owner contacts Atlas to report alleged copyright infringement activity based on certain investigative tools the copyright owners utilize. The copyright owner identifies possible copyright infringers by their Internet Protocol (IP) address. Atlas assigns an IP address to each of our customers for the duration of their Internet session. The copyright owners do not know which customer is assigned the IP address.

What are you telling the copyright owner that has alleged I have violated copyright laws about me?

Atlas respects your privacy and we will not provide your identity to a copyright owner without first receiving a court order or other legal process. When we receive a court order to release your account information (name, address, etc.), we generally will attempt to notify you before we provide your information to a copyright owner, as long as we have sufficient time to provide you with this notice. In the case of a notice of alleged copyright infringement, we will not provide your information to the copyright owner (unless it is accompanied by the legal process described above).

How will Atlas notify me if I'm suspected?

If you have allegedly violated copyright laws, we will inform you by written communication.

What are the legal penalties for violation of the Copyright laws?

Under the Digital Economy Act 2010, legal penalties may include a reduction to the speed of your service or permanent suspension for repeated violators. These possible penalties will be subject to assessment by OFCOM and the final order must be made by the Secretary of State.

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