IP Addresses

IP addresses are allocated to Atlas from RIPE - The European Registry for Internet Numbers. In turn, Atlas assigns those IP addresses to our customers for usage while connected to the Atlas network. The size of the IP address assignment varies and is solely based on the continually demonstrated and documented need for IP addresses.

Clients must use 80% of their existing IP addresses prior to requesting an increase in assignment. New customers will receive a minimal assignment based on their immediate requirement. Thereafter, the size of the assigned IP address block may be increased based on the requirements and justification.

At any time Atlas may require a customer to justify its IP address assignment. If the customer is unable to do so, its ability to obtain future assignments may be jeopardized and its existing assignment may be revoked or reduced.

When a customer requests an IP address space assignment from Atlas, the customer will need to provide technical justification as to their requirements. These reasons will be checked on a case-by-case basis, and must have sound reasoning. We will not assign IP addresses for:

  • IP based hosting on a single server, instead of name based hosting where possible (eg. web hosting, email hosting).
    Any and all SEO reasons (see this article).
  • Separation or segregation of different services (SMTP/POP3/HTTP/VoIP) on a single server.
  • Unnecessary placement of internal, non-publicly accessible services on public IP addresses (such as wikis, SharePoint, building or access control systems, CCTV cameras etc).
  • Placement of desktop or laptop computers on public IP addresses.
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